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BDA Cares Grant

  1. The Bleeding Disorders Association of Northeastern New York, Inc. (BDANENY) Member support has been established to provide financial assistance to individuals who wish to pursue a non-academic opportunity for personal development.
  2. Member support shall be available to members of the BDANENY who meet the criteria as established by the Board of Directors. 
  3. Individuals requesting a personal development grant shall complete the Grant Application and submit to the organization.
  4. The treasurer shall review the application and the organization’s financial resources to determine if financial support is available. 
  5. Grants are intended for, but not limited to: 
  • Tuition for extracurricular programs;
  • Specialized equipment for participation in athletic programs;
  • Travel expenses related to participation in cultural development activities.

  1. The organization shall award grants in an amount not to exceed $500.00. Outside funding and other support should be encouraged. 
  2. The Board of Directors reserves the right to request additional pertinent information before making a decision on a submitted Grant Application.
  3. Applicants should submit materials related to the activity (brochures, registration documents, invoices, etc.) and the amount they are requesting.
  4. Applicant should submit a 250-300 word essay on how the participation in the activity for which support is requested would enhance their life.
  5. The organization reserves the right to deny requests or to provide assistance less than the amount requested at the discretion of the board.